August 2018

Recent ITAT Order on TDS Administration in connection with Exercise of ESOPs – Timing of Chargeability, Recovery / Deduction and Deposit of TDS

February 2018

Tax deductibility of ESOP costs – Recent judgement of far reaching implications

June 2017

CBDT’s Final notification clarifying on long-term capital gains Tax on sale of listed shares :: ESOP Shares specifically exempted

December 2019

RBI’s New Guidelines for Compensa on of Whole- me Directors, CEO of Private Sector Banking Companies in India.

June 2018

Recent RBI Circular on Reporting of Foreign Investment in India in A Single Master Form – Impact on ESOP Reporting

July 2016

Notification from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs relaxing restrictions in respect of Sweat Equity Shares and Employee Stock Options for start-ups

August 2021

Putting Your First Employee Stock Option Plan into Action

June 2020

Covid-19 induced volatility: A study to understand its impact on fair value of ESOP

June 2020

Stock Options In Post COVID-19 Scenario: A Case For Currency Options

May 2020

Recent Circulars of Ministry of Corporate Affairs on Company Meetings :: Relevance for approvals in respect of ESOPs

April 2020

COVID-19 has jolted everything that concerns us – our psychology, way of handling crisis, mindset towards business, profits, employees, colleagues at work, and everything else.

May 2022

This Newsletter covers “ESOP Knowledge Series” webinar details. It also covers recent partnerships, product enhancement and new customer acquisition updates.

February 2022

This newsletter is an initiative to connect with early-stage companies and their Founders to share knowledge and updates in this domain. It covers news, articles and updates on product enhancements, new customer wins, and partnerships.

November 2021

This Newsletter covers news, articles and updates on product enhancements, new customer wins, and partnerships.

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